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(Last updated on October 8th, 2021)

See this in-depth Snappa 2021 review to see whether this program is right for you or not.

This review will examine Snappa, an online graphic design application that lets you create beautiful graphics with ease. I will be weighing the pros and cons, giving you my final verdict.

I will also give you a mini tutorial using Snappa, showing you how easy it is to create a finished graphic suitable for your business.

Snappa was founded in 2015 by Cristopher Zimmer. When making graphics for his own business, he noticed a software gap in the graphic design industry. People needed a simple graphic design editor that could make professional content without breaking the bank or requiring a steep learning curve.  That’s where Snappa comes in.

Small business owners often don’t have the budget to hire an in-house graphic designer. Usually, they need to do everything themselves, including marketing. Snappa is easy to learn, creates great graphics, and is affordable.

The program not only provides a wealth of resources and templates right off the bat, but it also integrates seamlessly with social media platforms, allowing you to post and schedule with ease.

Is Snappa the perfect editor for you? Read on to see if this program is the right fit.

Pros & Cons of Snappa


  • Good Value: Snappa has plans ranging from free to $30/month, depending on what features you need for your business. It’s a great value, giving you access to premium content right away with no hidden fees.
  • Extensive Resources: The program gives you thousands of templates and millions of graphics at your disposal. You get royalty-free photos, vector graphics, icons, and templates to kickstart your project immediately.
  • Easy Learning Curve: Snappa is simple to use and learn. The program is intuitive and uncluttered, sticking to the essentials.
  • Social Media Integration: With the Pro Plan and above, you get Buffer integration, a social media publishing app. Buffer makes the grind of churning out content that much easier, letting you schedule posts ahead of time and plan your social media strategy.


  • Lack of Advanced Features: For expert editors looking for a powerful graphics editor, Snappa doesn’t make the cut. Common advanced features for photo-retouching are not part of this application.
  • No Offline Access: You must be connected to the internet to work in Snappa.
  • Limited Compatibility: For Snappa, you must be a Windows or Mac user, and the app is desktop-only, meaning no support for mobile.  Snappa recommends keeping your browser up-to-date and warns that some browser extensions can interfere with performance.
  • Template Overuse: The templates on Snappa are accessible to all users. Your content made with Snappa templates may look similar to competitors using the same design. Using a template-centric editor isn’t the best solution if you want unique, original content for your brand.

Short Verdict

In a world where you constantly need to create content, Snappa is the perfect fit for many users. You can create graphics within minutes, the site is intuitive, and the pricing is reasonable.

You get unlimited access to royalty-free photos, graphics, and templates, jumpstarting you into making finished work, all without the headache of a complicated or expensive program. Overall, Snappa is a great choice.

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Snappa is versatile, giving you templates to create everything from infographics to social media posts. You can quickly make a finished product with ease.

  • Images: Millions of stock images are at your disposal. You can search for specific keywords and browse through many options. You can also upload your own photos, saving them in the Upload library.
  • Patterned Backgrounds: Snappa gives you many patterned backgrounds to choose from. There are abstract styles, traditional patterns, flat colors, and more.
  • Social Media Integration: The Pro Plan and Team Plan let you connect your social media accounts by integrating with Buffer. Buffer lets you plan your posts and automate publishing, making content planning a breeze.
  • Templates: Snappa has thousands of templates to choose from, organized by type of media asset. You can choose between a Facebook post, a Twitter banner, infographics, and more; the correct resolution is set and ready to go. Within each category, you have dozens of options to choose from. Customizing the template to fit your brand is as easy as clicking into parts of the design.
  • Text: In Snappa, you can overlay text. You get all of the basic text customizations, choosing fonts, size, etc. If you have the Pro Plan or higher, you can also import your own fonts.
snappa text on image
  • Graphic Resources: You have many icons and graphics to choose from. You can customize the color and opacity on most of them. The vectors are fillable and scalable to any size.
  • Shapes: You can make circles, rectangles, stars, and more.  
  • Grid Overlay: Add a grid overlay to position your canvas perfectly. You can toggle on snap to grid, snapping the objects to align to the grid layout.
  • Layers: In Snappa, each piece of the document is layered. The objects can be moved up or down in the stacking order, excluding the background. The background is locked on the bottom-most layer.
  • Effects: You can make simple adjustments to background layers such as saturation, opacity, darken/lighten, blur, and more.
  • Resize: You can resize your canvas to any dimension, putting in custom values or choosing size options. There are sizes for specific social media assets, like Facebook banners or Instagram posts. You can override an assets’ current dimensions, making the same graphic work across social media channels.
  • Cloud Storage: All of your designs and uploads are saved in the cloud storage on Snappa, giving you access to these files from anywhere. Here, you can organize your creations within folders, deleting or duplicating them as desired. You can also search by title, looking for specific files.
  • Support: Inside the editor, there is a help chat where you can send an email directly to support, look through frequently asked questions, or look up help articles. There is also a support page and blog, filled with helpful articles.
snappa get started

Overall, Snappa has a lot to offer as a simple graphics editor. You will be able to make a ton of content for your business.


ProductRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Adobe Creative Cloud$52.99/monthCheck here
Snappa (Pro Plan)$15/monthCheck here

Snappa comes at three different price points—Starter, Pro, and Team. Let’s explore each and see what you get for each plan.

  • Starter Plan – Free. You get one user, more than 6,000 templates and 4,000,000+ HD photos & graphics at your disposal, and three downloads a month. All of the graphics are royalty-free and can be used commercially/non-commercially.
  • Pro Plan—$15/month for a monthly commitment or $10/month with a yearly commitment, $120/year. You get everything the Starter plan has, plus unlimited downloads, Social Media/Buffer integration, removal of image backgrounds, and custom font uploads.
  • Team Plan—$30/month for a monthly commitment or $20/month with a yearly commitment, $240/year. You get everything from the Pro Plan, plus up to five users and team collaboration features. The Team Plan lets you share designs, fonts, and set branding guidelines. You can also manage your team, doling out administrative privileges.
snappa budget

Snappa is a great value. The program is priced fairly and includes a great number of features for each price tier. There are no hidden fees, and everything is reasonable.  


Snappa is a competitive program, giving you a simple editor on a budget. Compared to software on the market now, Snappa gives you resources for cheap and direct social media integration, key factors that other programs aren’t meeting.

Snappa includes access to a huge resource library without taking on extra fees. Included resources are a huge bonus of the program, saving users hundreds of dollars on stock images, templates, and graphic assets.

Competitors like Adobe Stock or Shutterstock can charge exorbitant prices for equivalent resources. Including assets gives Snappa a huge leg up in its market.

Snappa’s integration with Buffer also makes it a prime contender. Within minutes, you can design and schedule a social media post, all within the same working space.

Instead of jumping from program to program, this process is streamlined. You can queue posts for weeks ahead of time, planning out your social strategy.

Now, Snappa isn’t a high power editor. Professional graphic designers likely won’t use this program because of limited design capability. Does Snappa work great for the average user? Absolutely.

Snappa continues to make its editor even better. As their user base continues to grow, Snappa should be in the running for the long haul.


So, who is using Snappa? Here are a few types of people that would benefit from this program:

  • New Business owners: New businesses tend to have a small marketing budget, a detriment if you want to hire a great graphic designer. While they can create groundbreaking, unique looks for your brand, a quality graphic designer can be expensive. For a team of one, you may want to do everything yourself to save money. That’s where Snappa comes in, giving you a solution that lets you create professional material on a budget.
  • People Unfamiliar with High-Power Editing Programs: If you are a beginner and don’t want to learn a complicated program, Snappa is perfect. The program is simple, straightforward, and requires little learning. You can have no previous design experience and excel in Snappa.
  • People Looking to Budget: Snappa is very reasonable compared to other programs. For example, a standard individual license for all Adobe programs is over $500 a year, dwarfing Snappa’s $120 yearly Pro Plan. Adobe also charges extra for stock images, a resource that is included with all Snappa plans. Snappa pricing is hard to beat.

Who wouldn’t be using Snappa?

  • People who like to have the most control over their design: While Snappa is bountiful in resources and generous in pricing plans, it lacks features. The program does not have the same control as a high-power application.
  • Professional Graphic Designers: In addition to needing high-power programs, they also need to be using industry-standard software. To collaborate most efficiently, you need to use what everyone else is using. 

Snappa is useful for many people. The pricing, features, and ease of use make it great for one market. The lack of features makes it unworkable for others.   

Learning Curve

Snappa is a straightforward, intuitive program. Learning the web app is easy and requires no previous knowledge of graphic design to get started.

You don’t have to have any previous knowledge of design software either. Snappa provides the basic resources to educate you on everything it can do and how to create graphics on your own.

Snappa’s website is clean and easy to navigate. The editor itself is uncluttered, only containing the essential tools and resources.

You can look up answers directly in the help chatbox. The automated tool will pull up Q&A for frequently asked questions and provide a search bar for you to look up specific problems. If you can’t find a solution, you can also send an email directly to support in chat.

On Snappa’s website, there is an online library for you to learn the program. Articles and videos detail the basics and features of Snappa. You can begin with the “Get Started” videos, which will walk you through actions step-by-step.

snappa how can we help you

There is also a Snappa blog, going over social media assets, like a Facebook post, in detail. The articles provide tips and tricks, along with good practices specific to the platform. They also provide content ideas, telling you how to get increased engagement, tell better stories, and more. These articles are especially great for anyone trying to up their content.  

If you need to contact support, they don’t have immediate assistance. You will have to fill out an email form and wait on a response.

Overall, Snappa is easy to learn. You won’t get lost in the app because it is so simple. And you have plenty of resources to help you along the way.


Snappa has limited compatibility. The program can only work on two operating systems and is limited to desktop only. However, it does have unlimited cloud storage and the ability to access the program anywhere; no program download is required.

Snappa only works on Windows or Mac with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari as your browser. It is recommended to keep browsers as up to date as possible. Otherwise, you may run into performance issues with the program.

Some browser extensions, including Grammarly, don’t work with Snappa and can also cause performance issues.  

Snappa integrates with Buffer, a social media scheduler that lets you queue posts in advance. Here, you can post to social media accounts directly, including Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Scheduling saves you time tediously posting to the accounts individually, freeing up time to create more content.

As a bonus, Snappa makes it easy to resize an asset for different platforms. With a click of a button, you can duplicate an asset, override the current dimensions, and then resize it to a different platform.

A post you create for Facebook can be resized to fit perfectly on Instagram and then scheduled to be posted, all without leaving the app. Snappa is more compatible in some ways than others. While it’s limited to desktop, it has great social media integration, a huge bonus.


Snappa is great for collaborating. The Team plan lets you add up to five team members, allowing you to assign teammates and share projects. You can share uploads, fonts, branding colors, and media assets within the team. You can also make folders or uploads private.

To make a branding color palette, all you must do is save colors. Within the color tab of the editing module, you can edit this palette, adding new colors or changing existing ones. Your team will then have access, keeping your theme consistent across the board.

As the admin, you can add and remove members from a team and assign the admin role to another member. Assigning roles is great for keeping the team organized and in control.

Collaboration in Snappa is easy. Snappa gives you the necessary tools to work easily with your team.

Let’s Try Out Snappa

Say you are opening a bakery and you want to make a Facebook post declaring you are open for business. Snappa is fantastic for creating social media assets. Let’s create a graphic together.

  • First, I will choose “Create a Graphic” in the top bar.
snappa create a custom size
  • Next, I will pick the size of my graphic. I don’t know what size a Facebook post is. Easily enough, Snappa has this sizing ready to go. I choose “Facebook Post” as my resolution.
snappa social media posts artboard size
  • Next, I will browse through the many templates available to me, perfect for creating my next post. I choose a template.
snappa fb posts
  • Here, my template is open and ready to go. But now, I need to customize it to fit my brand. First, I need to swap my background. I go to the Bkgrnd tab and then search through possible images, landing on one and clicking it to replace the old background. I flip the orientation of the image and then reposition.
snappa select template
  • Next, I need to change my text. I go to the text tab, clicking on the text to change it. I adjust the line spacing to fit the graphic better. And then we are done! This whole process took less than five minutes.
snappa select template2
  • Now, how do I share it? Easily, I will just hit the share button that leads me to the Buffer integration. There I can schedule out my post or publish it immediately. It’s so simple.
snappa share the image

The whole process was quick and painless. I didn’t get lost in the features because everything is simple and intuitive. Making this post was a cinch.

Final Verdict

Snappa is a great graphics editor that is a good price and easy to use. Should you get it? It depends on what you need it for.

If you are looking for an advanced photo-editing tool with the most control over your work, Snappa will not make the cut. The tool is simple, uncluttered, but very limited in terms of features. Snappa is not a replacement for a high-power and complicated program like Photoshop.

If you need a simple graphics editor, Snappa is the perfect tool for you. You can create finished assets within minutes on the application. The program is great for people looking to do everything themselves without going through the hassle of learning a complex editing program.

Snappa is a good, simple graphics editor. If you need the basics and want a good value, Snappa is the perfect fit.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Snappa cost?

Snappa has the Starter Plan for free, the Pro Plan for $10/month, and the Team Plan for $20/month. 

What is Snappa used for?

Snappa is used to create beautiful graphics for social media, ads, and more. The program was designed for beginners, streamlining the process with thousands of templates at your disposal.

How do you remove a background from Snappa?

In the Snappa editor, go to Effects, select your background, and toggle on Remove Image Background. You can only use this effect with the Pro Plan or higher.

How do you type on Snappa?

You type on Snappa by going to the Snappa Editor > Text > Add a Header. Once you add the header, you will have the option to change the text attributes like font, letter spacing, and more.

How do you crop on Snappa?

To crop on Snappa, you will go into the Graphics tab and hover over the asset you wish to crop. From here, you will crop the asset, and it will save as a new, cropped file.

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